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California Highway Patrol - Resd - Relps

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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 02 112349 N/A Chp - Area Office Facility #266 (resd)
Select 02 114600 N/A Chp Academy (california Highway Patrol Chp-Resd-Relps)
Select 04 114247 N/A Chp Air Operations Facility-Fullerton,Ca
Select 02 114163 N/A Chp Area Dispatch/vehicle Maintenance Facility (california Highway Patrol-Fresno)
Select 03 115313 N/A Chp Bakersfield Area Office #420
Select 02 114087 N/A Chp Chico (california Highway Patrol-Resd-Relps)
Select 04 115787 N/A Chp Fullerton Metropolitan Air Ops Facility 612
Select 02 113857 N/A Chp Stockton Replacement Facility (chp-Resd-Relps)