Information for Users

This page provides basic instructions on how to search for project information using Tracker.

Pre-Tracker Introduction

Pre-Tracker module has three main screens: Search, project application and project information. Search screen gives the user the ability to search the individual project by four or five digit application number. The search by school district provides a list of projects for that school district. The project application screen provides the information about school district, project name, project cost, submittal date, etc. The project information screen gives detail of all important dates and the close type of the project.

Note: Not all projects have an electronic record on file.

Search for projects through this link: Pre-Tracker Projects.

Tracker Introduction

Tracker has three main modules and a fee calculator: Projects Status, School Construction Inspectors and Materials Testing Laboratories. The Projects Status module includes information on construction projects that have been submitted to DSA for review. School Construction Inspectors keeps track of inspectors certified by the DSA School Construction Inspector Program. Materials Testing Laboratories provide information about labs that are currently certified by DSA. The Plan/Field review calculator allows user to calculate the fees for school and public building construction projects in DSA.

NOTE: Tracker only contains projects that were submitted to DSA on or after November 12, 1997. For information on projects submitted before November 12, 1997, please review Pre-Tracker projects above, or contact the DSA Regional Office where the project was submitted or contact DSA Headquarters.

Project Status Module

To obtain information from Tracker you need to know the DSA Regional Office where you turn in your project for review and your project application number. DSA has four regional offices (Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego). The application is a six digit-number. After you provide a valid application number the application screen will be displayed. From this screen you can link to many other pages such as project fee, schedule, project status, addenda, construction change document, etc. If you do not know your project number, then you can search for projects by using the counties map. Select the county you want to search, the list of school districts in that county will be provided. Select a school district, a list of projects for that school district will be provided and you can select the project you want to review.

Other Modules

The other modules provide information on DSA-certified School Construction Inspectors, and Materials Testing Laboratories.

Plan/Field Review Fee Calculator

This Plan/Field review fee calculator provides a tool to calculate DSA Plan/Field review fee. There are three types of fees for DSA plan field review. Filing Fee, Additional Fee and Further Fee. To calculate filing fee, select project type (click arrow key) and input the estimated amount. If your project does not require access compliance then clear the AC box. Click the Calculate button to see the result. To do another calculation select the project type, input amount and click calculate button. To calculate the additional fee, input both Estimated Amount and Contracted Amount. Do not forget to select project type and review required. Both Filing Fee and Additional Fee will be shown at the output page. To calculate the Further Fees you need to input all three Estimated, Contracted and Construction Change Document Amount. All fees will be shown at the output page.

Screen Navigator

The links which connect to different pages are provided in each page.

Tracker Contacts

For clarification and assistance regarding information on a specific project, please contact the DSA Regional Office where the project was submitted. Click on the Region below for a list of counties served by that region.

For projects in the DSA Oakland Region (Office ID# 01)
Dessa Rooney (510)622-3101 

For projects in the DSA Sacramento Region (Office ID# 02)
Dan Levernier (916)445-8730

For projects in the DSA Los Angeles Basin Region (Office ID# 03)
Douglas Humphrey (213)897-3995

For projects in the DSA San Diego Region (Office ID# 04)
Craig Rush (858)674-5400

For general assistance with DSA's Tracker, please contact Beth Sanchez at 916/324-8928 or e-mail