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Governor Jerry Brown

Application Summary

Office ID: 04 Application #: 110546 File #: 30-C2
Project Name: Santiago Canyon College
Project Scope: Relocation of 4-Classroom Buildings (Relocatable) (A 04-102294/960sq.ft.)(2@-57824/960sq.ft./1920sq.ft.)(58162/960sq.ft.)
Address: 8045 East Chapman
City: Orange Zip: 92869    
PTN #: N/A OPSC #: # Of Incr: 0
Project Type: SCHOOL (COMMUNITY COLLEGES) Project Class: Class 4 Special Type: NA
Estimated Amt: $350,000.00 Contracted Amt: $242,250.00 Change Order Amt: $46,750.00
Adj Est.Date#1: Adj Est.Amt#1: Final Project Cost: $289,000.00
Adj Est.Date#2: Adj Est.Amt#2: Received Date: 8/13/2009
Appr. Date: 8/13/2009 Appr. Ext. Date: Closed Date: 2/25/2014 9:21:37 AM

Complete Submittal Received Date:

SB 575

Auto Fire Detection Sprinkler System
Included In Plan

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Energy Efficiency

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HPI: HPI Points: HPI Hours:
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