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Governor Jerry Brown
Statement: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a state agency or employee of a state agency may not be held liable for any injury or damages resulting from any service provided by a certified access specialist whose name appears on this list published pursuant to Government Code section 4459.7(a).

Certified Access Specialists (CASp) with a "Yes" in the "Do Inspections" column are available for hire.

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Certified Access SpecialistPhone #EmailCert #Exp DateDo InspectionsInspection County(s)
Abarquez, Joey714-848-0487 CASp-315 9/15/2019
Abbott, Ron916-233-8882 CASp-135 9/22/2018
Abdaljawwad, Ola916-715-4904 CASp-161 11/18/2018
Abeyta, Michael562-290-8506mike@ftaarchitecture.comCASp-701 8/12/2019YesLos Angeles, Orange
Adams, Theresa925-408-0393theresa.adams.casp@gmail.comCASp-596 11/25/2017Yes 
Adamson, Chris530-754-1016 CASp-133 9/21/2018  
Adler, Jonathan831-429-4191ja@access-compliance.netCASp-003 9/29/2017YesAlameda; Contra Costa; Marin; Monterey; Napa; Sacramento; San Benito; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; San Mateo; Santa Clara; Santa Cruz; Solano; Sonoma; Yolo - - - SEE WWW.ACCESSCOMPLIANCESERVICES.NET
Afschar, Tom  CASp-074 9/11/2018  
Afshar, Ramin949-338-4320 CASp-692 4/11/2019YesOrange
Afshar, Afshan949-463-8924 CASp-303 9/9/2019  
Agha, Obi916-708-1847 CASp-443 8/9/2018  
Agus, Chris818-548-3211 CASp-266 7/2/2019  
Ainza Jr, Manuel619-579-3035 CASp-750 1/4/2020  
Alford, Terrance714-765-5153 CASp-222 6/24/2019  
Allen, Ronald213-482-0077 CASp-534 2/12/2017
Altwal, Bassam925-421-0044bassam@calaccessibility.comCASp-109 9/14/2018YesSan Francisco; Contra Costa; Alameda; Santa Clara; San Mateo; Marin; Napa;Sacramento;
Amador, William805-530-3938 CASp-561 4/29/2020  
Ames, Kevin760-987-5863kevin@amesinspections.comCASp-022 9/29/2017YesBased in Palm Springs - Available in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys, SD, OC, LA, IE and the High Desert.
Amestoy, David714-974-6357damestoy@roadrunner.comCASp-495 12/5/2019YesOrange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Kern, Ventura
Amirazizi, Saeed949-636-5438sraeng@aol.comCASp-670 3/30/2019YesLos Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside
Amor, William909-259-9971wamor@amorarch.comCASp-418 4/9/2018YesWilliam Amor, AIA performs CASp inspections and makes repair recommendations within ALL California Counties. Amor Architectural is a full service bilingual architectural firm. Experienced and insured with over 22 years licensed experience. Now licensed i
Anderson, Douglas312-914-1717 CASp-457 11/13/2018
Anderson, Timothy949-724-6329 CASp-671 4/4/2019
Anderson, Dawn408-422-6155CASp@asitstands.comCASp-050 4/23/2018YesArchitect, Access Specialist: CA, TX, MN, ADA Coordinator, ICC Comb: Plan Review & Inspection; Jurisdictional Liaison; Risk Analysis & Portfolio Due Diligence; Private & Public Entities - Res. & Comm.; Legal Reports & Opinions; Low-Cost Audits (Est.2003)
Anderson, James916-849-4529 CASp-328 9/22/2019YesSacramento, Placer, El Dorado and surrounding counties
Anderson, Mark213-222-6249mark@calicasp.comCASp-181 4/6/2019Yes 
Annan, Ali661-599-5709 CASp-507 12/6/2019
Arceo, Lumen209-456-8560 CASp-219 6/23/2019
Archibald, Brett949-475-2901 CASp-122 9/16/2018
Argueta, Gabriel310-597-5398gab123arg@gmail.comCASp-126 9/15/2018YesLos Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County.
Arnold, Steven707-246-1415sarnoldnow@gmail.comCASp-215 6/23/2019YesContra Costa,Alameda,Napa,Sonoma,Solano,Marin
Arrington, Kenneth909-904-8442 CASp-628 7/1/2018Yes 
Arteaga, Leonardo310-927-8359 CASp-055 4/23/2018  
Ashdown, Dwight415-552-5126ada@ashdownarch.comCASp-112 9/15/2018YesSan Francisco / Statewide
Atilano, John559-688-5263john@laneengineers.comCASp-435 8/2/2018  
Austin, David805-583-6866 CASp-291 8/16/2019  
Avallone, Vince415-365-3485 CASp-518 12/10/2019  
Avalos, Kristi972-434-0068kjavalos@accessology.comCASp-758 4/4/2020YesAlameda,Alpine,Amador,Butte,Calaveras,Colusa,Contra Costa,Del Norte,El Dorado,Fresno,Glenn,Humboldt,Imperial,Inyo,Kern,Kings,Lake,Lassen,Los Angeles,Madera,Marin,Mariposa,Mendocino,Merced,Modoc,Mono,Monterey,Napa,Nevada,Orange,Placer,Plumas,Riverside,Sacramento,San Benito,San Bernardino,San Diego,San Francisco,San Joaquin,San Luis Obispo,San Mateo,Santa Barbara,Santa Clara,Santa Cruz,Shasta,Sierra,Siskiyou,Solano,Sonoma,Stanislaus,Sutter,Tehama,Trinity,Tulare,Tuolumne,Ventura,Yolo,Yuba
Azarvand, Behrouz949-330-0198 CASp-313 9/14/2019
Badie, Amin818-995-8952casp@twlayman.comCASp-718 8/15/2019YesCommercial architecture firm serving Southern California counties since 1978: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Kern.
Bailey, Todd925-866-2633 CASp-229 6/24/2019
Baldrati, Laura619-220-7464lbaldrati@cox.netCASp-086 9/13/2018  
Baldwin, Doug619-417-1479doug.baldwin7@gmail.comCASp-343 4/21/2020YesSan Diego County
Barclay, Emily702-240-2411ebarclay@adaprofessionalteam.comCASp-744 12/12/2019  
Barnett, Ciara626-319-0441 CASp-501 12/5/2019  
Barrett, Bhree918-585-8555 CASp-585 8/22/2017
Battista, John818-470-4344mrcasp@yahoo.comCASp-592 11/20/2017YesProviding CASp Facility Surveys, Design, Plan Review, Consulting, and Expert Witness Testimony throughout all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.
Baughman, Jeff626-378-5917 CASp-465 11/14/2018  
Baviere, Olivier408-535-3555 CASp-565 4/30/2020  
Becker, Jeff661-993-2978USACASp@outlook.comCASp-468 11/15/2018YesLos Angeles,Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Fresno, Tulare, King, Monterey.