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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 02 112091 NA California Department Of Education
Select 01 113062 N/A California Public Utilities Commission
Select 02 110454 N/A California State Library Alterations (resd)
Select 02 110282 N/A California Tax Credit Allocation Office (sacramento County)
Select 02 100937 Capitol Area East End Complex
Select 02 101672 Capitol Area East End Complex
Select 02 103082 Department Of General Services (vallejo Bldg)
Select 02 108378 Dept. Of Food And Ag. (resd)
Select 02 112195 NA Employment Development Department (dgs State Owned Building)
Select 02 109549 N/A Resources Building (dgs/resd/psb)
Select 02 110779 N/A Richmond Campus (department Of Public Health)
Select 02 109230 N/A Rocklin Field Office - Dmv
Select 02 111907 NA Spb Tenant Improvement

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