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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 02 109115 N/A 1st Floor Mail Rm. Alt (dgs)
Select 02 108950 N/A Ca D.o.c. Parole Off. (dept. Of Gener. Serv.)
Select 02 111531 N/A California Veteran's Home (department Of General Services)
Select 02 111582 N/A California Veteran's Home - Fresno (department Of General Services)
Select 02 108859 N/A Caltrans Dist. Off. Bldg. (dgs)
Select 02 117057 N/A Chp Chester Office (department Of General Services)
Select 02 109116 N/A Dep. Of Health Serv. (dgs)(51)
Select 02 109117 N/A Dept. Of Health Serv. (dgs) (52)
Select 02 109546 N/A Dept. Of Social Services (dgs)
Select 02 109195 N/A Dmv Rocklin Off. (dgs)
Select 02 111765 N/A Fresno Commercial Drivers License Test Center (dmv/dgs)
Select 02 110912 N/A Fresno State Building (department Of General Services)
Select 02 109120 N/A Ground Floor C129 (dgs)
Select 02 109119 N/A Ground Floor G110 (dgs)
Select 04 103987 R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Select 03 119496 N/A Ronald Reagan State Building
Select 02 109094 N/A Server Room (dgs)
Select 02 117170 N/A Uc, Hastings College Of Law (department Of General Services)
Select 04 104054 Valley Center Forest Fire Station
Select 04 119448 N/A Wadie P. Deddeh State Building
Select 02 109118 N/A Wire Tap Facil. (dgs)
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