City Of Visalia

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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 02 112729 N/A Burke Street Sr2s (city Of Visalia)
Select 02 112728 N/A Chinowth Street Sr2s (city Of Vislia)
Select 02 105608 City Of Visalia (dinuba Blvd)
Select 02 105221 City Of Visalia (traffic Signals)
Select 02 112777 N/A County Center & Hurley Ave Crosswalks (city Of Visalia)
Select 02 112745 N/A Fairview E.s (sr2s) (city Of Visalia)
Select 02 117278 N/A Green Acres Ms Crosswalk (city Of Visalia)
Select 02 112637 N/A Linwood Sr2s Sidewalk Improvements
Select 02 112677 N/A Various Sites (city Of Visalia)

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