California Highway Patrol - Resd

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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 02 114675 N/A Buttonwillow Chp (chp-Resd)
Select 02 118500 N/A California Highway Patrol - Visalia Building (california Highway Patrol - Resd)
Select 02 117320 N/A California Highway Patrol Academy (california Highway Patrol)
Select 02 114445 N/A Central Division California Highway Patrol (resd)
Select 02 118306 N/A Chp Arrowhead Area Office #865
Select 03 119448 N/A Chp Crestview Tower And Vault
Select 03 119447 N/A Chp Silver Peak Tower And Vault
Select 03 116812 N/A Crestview Chp Enhanced Radio System-Pmb
Select 02 112482 N/A Gunsight (california Highway Patrol)
Select 02 112479 N/A Slatter Butte (california Highway Patrol)
Select 02 112478 N/A Soda Ridge (california Highway Patrol)
Select 02 115623 N/A Truckee Chp (resd)

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