Administration Of Courts - Judicial Council

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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 03 117978 N/A Edmund D. Edelman Courthouse
Select 02 109354 N/A Greenville Courthouse (ca Administrative Office Of The Courts Office Of Court Construction)
Select 02 118518 N/A Kings County Courthouse (administration Of Courts - Judicial Council)
Select 03 117977 N/A Metropolitan Courthouse
Select 02 117793 N/A New Sacramento Courthouse (judicial Council Of California)
Select 02 109287 N/A Plumas County Courthouse
Select 02 117817 N/A Santa Maria Courthouse Building D (administration Of Courts - Judicial Council)
Select 03 117979 N/A Stanley Mosk Courthouse
Select 02 109847 N/A Superior Court Of Butte County

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