City Of Ukiah - Department Of Public Works

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 DSA AppIdPTN (as reported to DSA)Project Name
Select 01 110388 N/A City Of Ukiah
Select 01 109225 N/A City Of Ukiah -Department Of Public Works-Street Rehab. Projects
Select 01 118400 n/a City Of Ukiah Downtown Streetscape Project
Select 01 118147 N/A City Of Ukiah Rail Trail Phase 3
Select 01 117937 n/a City Of Ukiah Rail Trial Phase 2
Select 01 110698 N/A Rehabilitation Of Ukah Railroad Depot-City Of Ukiah Department Of Public Works
Select 01 111181 N/A South Dora Street Rehabilitation
Select 01 108409 Traffic Signal Porject/gobbi Street & Orchard Avenue

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