Application Summary

Office ID: 03 Application #: 103389 File #: 19-H13
Project Name: Allen F. Daily Continuation High School
Project Scope: Construction of 2 Relocatable Classroom Buildings; Additions of 5 C. R. Buildings and Toilet Building (Relocation)
Address: Northwest Corner Of Colorado & Orange
City: Glendale Zip:    
PTN #: OPSC #:
Project Type: School (K-12) # Of Incr: 0
Project Class: N/A Special Type: NA
Estimated Amt: $250,000.00 Contracted Amt: $375,847.00
Construction Change Document Amt: $79,245.77 Final Project Cost: $0.00
Adj Est.Date#1: Adj Est.Amt#1:
Adj Est.Date#2: Adj Est.Amt#2:
Received Date: 3/2/2000 Approved Date: 3/18/2000
Approval Ext. Date: Closed Date: 5/14/2002

Complete Submittal Received Date:

SB 575

Auto Fire Detection Sprinkler System
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Energy Efficiency

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Client's Notes: 60-DAY LETTER 10/6/00INVOICE 03-676 DATED 4/8/02 $ 1132.62 PAID 5/13/2002CLOSED WITH CERTIFICATION 3 1 5/14/2002